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Never NOT Pay Yourself Again

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • "I run a small business and can't afford to pay myself."

  • "I can't tell if I'm paying myself too little, enough or too much."

  • "My books scare the crap out of me."

  • "Are my expenses too high? I have no idea!"

  • "Pay myself first? I'm lucky if I have enough money left over to pay myself last."

Breathe easy; you're not alone.

We'll teach you the system that hundreds of creative entrepreneurs and small business owners have used to turn their businesses around.


"I found Moxie after working with a very expensive and incompetent bookkeeper for 5 years. I immediately loved their approach to bookkeeping and accounting. It didn't seem scary to me anymore and I really appreciated that they gave me the tools to help me do some of the work myself."

22 Videos. Two Experts. One Focus. Profit.

Mike Michalowicz

Creator of the Profit First method and author of cult classics The Pumpkin Plan and The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

Ean Price Murphy

Founder of Moxie Bookkeeping and Profit First Professional

If you’re running a business, you probably like profit. Who doesn’t?

Mike and Ean explain in easy, friendly videos how to pay yourself a living wage while also creating a profitable business.

Your Questions, Answered

  • How much does Profit First University cost?

    Access the videos for a one-time cost of $97 USD.

  • What do I get for my money?

    Perpetual access to twenty-two videos from Mike and Ean that take you through the Profit First cash management method from start to finish.

  • What is Profit First?

    Profit First accounting helps business owners get more clarity and control over how they earn and spend money. Like the (slightly old-fashioned, these days) practice of putting cash into envelopes for specific expenses or to save money for a special occasion.

  • What do I need to know about accounting to use this course?

    This is a beginner-level course that will walk you through everything you need to know.

  • I just started my business. Is this course right for me?

    The Profit First method is right for new business owners who want to establish a sound financial framework — one that focuses on Profit First and business sustainability. The approach is also great for owners of established businesses who want to tighten up financial practices and become more profitable.

  • Is this a bookkeeping course?

    Not exactly. Profit First is a cash management system that works alongside your existing bookkeeping system (or any other system you set up) to guide you into profitability.

  • Can I use Profit First if I already have a bookkeeper?

    Absolutely! Your bookkeeper may already be familiar with the Profit First method. Either way, they should be able to integrate it into their work for you.

It's Time to Start Paying Yourself Enough

Join hundreds of other business owners who've used Profit First to set their finances straight, start drawing a paycheck and grow their businesses right. Get on the road to becoming profitable today.